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                              Serenade of the Male Bird

                                           © April 1998 Text By Eve Damie

I have created many bird figures that are 2-dimensional, painted wall assemblages. Birds represent to me the symbolic free minded spirit of the artist who metaphorically fly’s in the uncharted skies of the creative process- imagination.

Here, I have created a fantastical: stylized character/figure that is a male bird. His body is an instrument for music. He is the ultimate music lover. (You cam see: a harp in the upper mid section of his body, violins in his arm/wings, a flute like nose and a musical note protruding from the top of his head).

Sound is translated into abstract colours. In this work the coloured lines, marks and shapes tell a story of the bird’s life and his feelings about love. The male bird’s musical passion can be felt within the ecstasy of coloured sounds colliding in his sensual body. The desire of the male bird is the game of seduction. He attracts the female of his species with his exceptional musical being and splendid show of colours. The position of the bird with his harp shaped heart; arm like wings open and his belly-heart gives the feeling of surrender and openness. This expression is more of a human attribute than a bird. The male bird is saying to the female birds “here I am, listen to me and pick me”. If the Serenade of the Male Bird is profound and consistent enough (just like the human game of seduction) he will win her.

Text inspired by this work:
Title Serenade of the Male Bird.
Category: Animal Ark1 Series Sold © 1998 Eve Damie