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                                             The Wheel of Fortune: Lost in Time,
                                         The Animal-Ark-Crop-Circle Shield Is Found

                                                    A Fantastical Narrative

© 1999-2000 Text By Eve Damie
Editing © 2009 Howard Damie

I start my assemblages by looking at the various found objects that I have collected over the years. This particular artistic voyage starts with my consideration of a circular piece of wood, a box of old wooden chair legs of various shapes and sizes, and the miniature toys that lie scattered around my studio like the remnants of some chaotic event. Among these seemingly unrelated objects I seek relationships, digging like an archaeologist for meaning. My search for a context and home for my orphans and relics uncovers stories of fantasy and poetry. Thoughts of crop circles, ancient shields and mandalas come to mind. Through the combination of simple, humble things a universe of objects and colours comes into being.

The chair legs, attached to the piece of wood, become the spokes of a wheel that starts to turn. I see a compass that indicates cosmic space. I imagine a clock that points towards infinite time. The wheel of fortune turns and the New Millennium is at hand. Our world, full of treasures but selfishly exploited, must spiritually evolve. Wild horses gallop in homage to untamed nature and freedom. Fish bring the life-giving sea.  Where will the steering wheel of our planet - an animal-ark - lead us?  Humanity peers out of a small masked face that floats among crop-circles. Their mysterious message speaks of the urgent need for harmony between man and nature. Who will be our shield?

Title: The Wheel of Fortune: Lost in Time, The Animal-Ark-Crop-Circle Shield Is Found
Category: Animal Ark1 Series for Sale © 1995-1999 Eve Damie

This Text with it’s work of art was part of a Group Exhibition:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

2000 Maison de la culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Moving into the next Millennium : Secular Transitions, (The Unusual - The Outrageous - The Expected). Montréal, QC. (June 15 to October 15, 2000).