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Alchemy in the Magical Kitchen of the Vegetarian Cooking Queen
A Fantastical Narrative

© 1997 Text By Eve Damie

Title: Alchemy in the Magical Kitchen of the Vegetarian Cooking Queen.
Category: Nefertiti Series for Sale © 1997 Eve Damie

I have explored domestic space the kitchen in a surrealistic, witty and humoristic way. This work is homage to the daily rituals of cooking three meals a day, “What a Job”!
The cooking Queen represents the deity of food and she is on her alter. Always thinking of new recipes, its difficult because she is a vegetarian.

From the top of her 4 forked basket hat (which was inspired from women in the third-world who daily carry food from the market or fields in a basket on their head, to their kitchen). The vegetables and fruit from the cooking Queen’s basket hat has been magically created and fallen out of her basket hat onto the kitchen ground. She is the deity of food. The fruits and vegetables are in a state of transformation, they bear the colours of alchemy. They are on their way to becoming a great recipe - a meal.

The Queen does her cooking housework with magical spells. They are mixed up in her basket hat. The 4 forks attached to her basket hat are her aids. Acting as an antenna they catch and attract the four directions: north, south, east and west. They take the energies of the four elements fire, water, earth and air inorder to create the magical ingredients for the Queen’s recipes. Cooking is hard work and the Queen does hers with magical thinking, (wouldn’t this be nice).

The giraffe in the Queens kitchen represents the tall, graceful vegetarian. The fish represents our fragile water supply. The dogs and the cat are friends and guardians of the kitchen. The mother ape and her baby reflect our past heritage that symbolizes the duties of caring for the baby.

The spoons, knives and forks are our utensils of survival! The golden sacred cow carries the dinner bell. The genie’s magical lantern on top of the cow’s head is filled with aromatic delights that fill the kitchen. The planet is our kitchen and we need to do a lot of housework in it!