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                                    Youth Is Not Wasted On The Young!
                                          Inspirations From Childhood

© 1996 to 1997 (2009) Text By Eve Damie

The Turtle

My first drawing that I can remember was of a turtle, done at age 5. My kindergarten teacher framed and hung it in the school hallway. Every day for 4 years Iíd look up at it and say - Wow, I did that! I think this event had something to do with me becoming an artist.
Throughout the years, turtle iconography has been of great symbolic importance in many of my art works. I love turtleís because they protect them selves well, by carrying their suitcase like house, shell on their back (true nomads). Their shell has beautiful textures and coloured lines, like wonderful modern abstract paintings. In Alice and Wonderland the turtle who moves slow wins the race against the fast paced speedy rabbit. Like the slow turtle who is always determined, never gives up and is profoundly focused, so must be the artist.
Childhood Memories Inspired these Selected Art Works:

Title: "Look what Flew into my Window" : The Swan-Snake-Dragon within the DNA of
Summer's Colour.
Category: Animal Ark1 Series Sold © 1996 Eve Damie 

Title: Summer Fantastic! When I was a Child I Dreamed of what I would Find Inside the Sea.
Category: Animal Ark1 Series for Sale © 1996-1997 Eve Damie 

Title: Penguin Circle.
Category: Animal Ark1 Series Sold © 1994-1995 Eve Damie  

Title: I am Queen of the Summer Doll House
Category: Nefertiti Series for Sale Artistís Collection © 1996 Eve Damie