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The Resurrection of Nefertiti and Her Passionate Paint Brush.

I am a painter working within a figurative sculptural context layered with
an abstract musical dance of colours. I celebrate intuition, imagination and
humour. The beauty is in the details and so my refined painterly narrative begins.

This assemblage is in the shape of a female totem figure and her facemask
expresses her timeless meditation. The work personifies a portrait of the artist
and like the mythical phoenix she recreates herself. Figuratively speaking she painted herself into existence with the aid of her paintbrush which carries
magical powers. She firmly hugs the paintbrush instead of a rifle because her
power is art. The found objects are cultural relics, like orphan nomads that are redefined in new contexts. These found objects are symbols that reflect dreams
/ desires of inner and outer worlds that poetically resonate on the figures body.

In combination with each other, the transformed surfaces and objects tell a stimulating visual story. The curvilinear horns extending from the heart
shaped form are parts of her royal hat and also act like a protective antenna.
The swan posed on top of her head is the centerpiece of the hat. This bird is a symbol of the possibility of emerging beauty, (like the process of alchemy).

In the middle of the work, the miniature masked being dreams of the unknown
and has an apple button on it s head, while porting the mysterious letter E.
The queen of hearts and elephant icons are emblems of good luck.
Her left leg bears an orange stained glass kneepad, just in case…
(this device is also a window of sunshine). The right leg holds a teddy bear
image that is a homage to childhood.

The mystery of the mask, expressions of the heart and
animal symbolism is explored in a colorful sophisticated fashion.
The Paintbrush Lady transcends time and the quest here is to always go beyond appearance into a lyrical parallel universe.

*Please note that the movement of merging lines and colors in combination with the found objects create a visual symphony which can be more easily appreciated by watching my YouTube Video in full screen mode and in high definition with sound enabled.