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© 1994 Orginal French Text By Hedwidge Asselin                                                                                                                                                         English Translation From French Text By Alan Smith, Altexte Montréal                                                                         
© 2009 Edited  By Eve Damie

One of the characteristics that distinguish the art of the twentieth century concerns the liberal, often extravagant intermingling of media and materials and the resultant tendency of one art form to merge with another. By enthusiastically embracing unpredictable technical solutions to visual problems, some of today’s artists have succeeded in expanding our outlooks regarding what we consider acceptable ways and means of creating art. Eve Damie is one of them.

Her works rely on more than one point of focus to bring the component parts into an ordered whole (Cubism). Based on multiple points of attraction her works creates a dynamic space that is achieved by virtue of the fact that no area in these works captures and holds the spectator’s vision totally. No matter where one looks in the work, there is to the right or left, above or below, a vibration, a variance, a spot of excitement that calls him away from one focus to another.

Can we talk of: primitivism, surrealism, reprocessing and assembling? (Of everything altogether). The work of Eve Damie, with her personal expression escapes from any attempt of classification.

*Cuirass is (a hard protective cover on an animal).