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Archival, Museum, and Professional Quality Materials and Techniques

2000 to 2009 Text by Eve Damie
Editing 2009 Howard Damie

My works include 2-dimensional assemblage paintings (relief paintings), collages and
3-dimensional painted assemblage sculptures.

All of my constructed paintings and sculptures are solid and well made.

- I use only professional, archival, museum-grade materials in my work.
- I use high quality wood as the primary surface for my paintings.
- I sometimes put cotton duck or linen canvas on top of the wood for reinforcement or
- I prepare all surfaces with a primer and under coat of gesso. This preparation 
xincludes the found objects I incorporate into the work. These objects include small xtoys made of wood, rubber, plastic, or metal, and natural objects.
- I use non-rust, metal screws and firmly attach all found objects to surfaces with an
xarchival adhesive - an acrylic, super-heavy gel medium made by Liquitex.
- I use permanent acrylic paints: Liquitex, Golden, Pebeo, Tri-Art, and Lascaux Studio.
- I finish by varnishing all painted objects, collage elements, and painted sections. The
xback of each work is also painted and varnished.

All my works on paper are done on acid free, archival, heavy weight paper.

Every work bears my signature.

There are many creative ways to display my works. The 2-dimensional wall works are best seen hung flat on a wall, not suspended from chains; their balanced construction lets them hang straight from a nail. My sculptural paintings (2-dimensional assemblage) can also hang in this way or be displayed with the use of a decorative support, graphic frame, or shadow box. My painted sculptures (3-dimensional assemblage) can be displayed on a sculpture stand, podium, or shelf, or inside a glass case.

Some of my works weigh between 2 and 20 pounds. The depth of my works varies between 2 and 10 inches.

All my works are durable and easily transported in well-insulated boxes.
Many of my works have been shipped across North America and Europe.