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                  What is Assemblage Art?

                           © 1999-2000 Text By Eve Damie

Assemblage is a 3-dimensional offspring of 2-dimensional collage. They are both considered a form of mixed media invented in the 20th century. In collage you use "found images" usually photographs. Assemblage uses "found objects”, that are ready-made objects found by the artist and not made by her or him. As the name implies, assemblage calls for assembling objects (found or otherwise- bought) with glue, screws, nails, staples or any other means. The creative possibilities are endless when incorporating objects in an assemblage and the fascinating ways in which the objects can be combined is infinite.

These objects can be transformed by paint or left as they naturally are. The objects transcend their original destiny and take on new meaning as they are integrated into new contexts. Assemblage Art allows us to see "familiar objects" in a fresh new way. Assemblage is a process of joining together unrelated things and creating a relationship using many different kinds of  "found objects", in the hope of producing an artwork or art object with profound artistic expression.  *

*Part of this text has been taken from:
Teaching Children Art, by Jack A. Hobbs & Jean C. Rush,
Page: 290, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.