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                          Nefertiti Reincarnated as Herself, a VIP Awakening!

                                                       © 2002-2004 Text By Eve Damie

I looked into the VIP Mirror
and said what does Nefertiti really look like? I then purchased an exact copy of the Nefertiti bust, where she is Reincarnated as Herself.
This work represents a departure: the previous sculptures dealt with using identical busts (within 2 distinct styles), which were later completely transformed. In these works Nefertiti wears an animal identity. In this work, she is on her way to becoming her ďauthentic selfĒ based of course on my own dream imagery of her persona.

I was now motivated to find a photograph of the original bust of Nefertiti. The flat quality of this image intrigued me in contrast to the 3-dimensional busts. Studying Nefertitiís features inspired me to create a photographic-transfer. This way of working now unfolds, recycling Nefertitiís image in a new way, using a photographic-transfer
* . In a play/film, having a main/star character is essential to the narrative and in my work it is the same. Nefertitiís intriguing essence allows me to focus with greater energetic passion, a departure point for my artistic expression.

Nefertitiís image evokes an ambiguous aura. The right eye is open, piercingly alert. The other is an empty white mysterious space. One eye is grounded in the past, the other in the future. I the artist hope to explore the present through this ancient photographic image. Nefertiti is born again, but as herself in the new millennium. The flat quality of the photographic-transfer dictates that Nefertiti has gone into the modern world of photographic digital reproduction. It is the time of Her Awakening!

Title: Masquerade in the V.I.P. Cosmic-Graffiti Mirror. (A)
Category: Nefertiti Series for Sale Artistís Collection © 2001-2002 Eve Damie

Title: Nefertiti Reincarnated as Herself. (B)
Category: Nefertiti Series for Sale © 2001-2002 Eve Damie

Title: Her Awakening! (C)
Category: Nefertiti Series for Sale © 2004 Eve Damie