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                          Nefertitiís 40th Reincarnation: Paddling to Earth
                                                            © 2002 Text By Eve Damie

Her red hat points to the sky, while dreaming of her 40th Reincarnation. (Inspired by my 40th birthday, a new era). Now her story emerges.

He is a Cat like creature grounded against the red-oxide earth. He is caught between two worlds, born from the unconsious and desiring to be conscious. His staff, sword or magic wand is indeed a lucky paintbrush paddle. This helps him to become conscious as he strives to paddle through the unconscious waters of artistic expression. He holds, or rather should I say hugs the paintbrush paddle tightly against his body, as a sacred form of salvationary protection.

As you can see, the golden cat levitates slightly above his elegant fingers. His cat familiar represents all things glorious, wild, free and wise.

The creatureís horns are like TV antennas, an extra set of ears and whiskers
attracting the right truths of conscious being. His mask like cat-face is influenced by primitive art, particularly the diverse expressions that live in African masks. His large owl eyes and nose are buttons of an old duffle coat, (I never owned or wore one). He smiles at you with a brave simplicity, focused on his mysterious journey.

His elegant long legs are decorated with colorful socks of the court-jester. The patterns of these socks are filled with pictograms that further enhance this narrative. They are also reflected on the sides of the frame on which this figure floats. Some of the pictograms you will find are: symbols of the legendary sage meditating upside-down like a trapeze artist. The mandala of life, a simple circle which floats above a heart. A male and female sign, which is a love charm. A cat, wolf and an owl, peer out at us. At last, a bird floats above an hourglass, flying above time.

Time is the revealer, healer of consciousness!

Text inspired by this work:
Title: Nefertitiís 40th Reincarnation: Paddling to Earth.
Category: Nefertiti Series Sold © 2002-2003 Eve Damie